Laser Screen

What is Laser Nation

The ultimate adventure for children aged 5-12 year olds. Brave young explorers can unleash a volley of laser fire in the battle zone of the Crazy Club Soft Play Jungle.

This is no video game

This is for real.

Boy with laser

Children's Packages

Tired of doing the same old birthday parties?

Why not try a Laser Nation party? You can sit back and relax whilst we take the stress out of the party for you. We can do everything from the food and drink, to even providing you with custom party invites.

Our parties include

Pizza Platter served with Fries
Unlimited Squash Iced Dessert
2-4-1 Return Voucher
Birthday Card & Voucher
Kids with lasers

Party Packages

Available everyday from 5pm

  • Package 1


    Minimum of 10 children
    £10 Per person
  • Package 2


    Maximum of 22 children
    £11 Per person


We provide full briefings and all the equipment you need. Each player is kitted out with a futuristic phaser.

The game is played in our soft-play area - so those who visit us often will know the best hiding places!

You score points when you zap opponents but loose points when they zap you.

Players compete in 30 minute games (including brief).

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